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Specialty Coffee with a purpose

 This single origin Arabica, shade grown coffee comes from 1,100 to 1,500 MASL, a perfect elevation in the coffee belt, in what is one of the last undeveloped coffee regions of the world. The coffee is already regularly cup-scoring 80+ and will continue to score higher as education, training and responsible organic and sustainable practices increase as a new generation of coffee farmers find hope in the specialty coffee market.  


Seed of Hope Coffee Company was born out of the need for the education of marginalized children in Northern Thailand.  Majority owner Lawpa Mayoe fled the war zone in Burma (Myanmar) when he was 13.  In the struggle for his family to simply survive, the opportunity to go to school wasn’t an option.  Later, as he and his wife Bairak began raising their three children in a remote village, they were determined to change the narrative.   


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Better Coffee for a Better World

Seed of Hope Coffee Company is majority owned by Lawpa Mayoe and his family.  As a farmer, he understands the heavy work-load and risk that farmers take when farming coffee. For too long, farmers have been oppressed in the supply chain world-wide and in this new era, the time has come for farmers to be heard in the negotiating process. The Seed of Hope Coffee Company is just an extension of what was already established in trusting, community relationships. Our goal for the future is to grow with the farmers in knowledge and practices that bring out the best qualities of specialty coffee.  As we grow in knowledge and responsibility together, we hope to be a blessing to our community and environment as we bring to you some of the highest quality coffee that Northern Thailand has to offer. 

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